Friday, 5 February 2010

Ultimate Romantic Wedding Getaway: Turtle Islands, Fiji

Consisting of 322 islands with at least 106 are still inhabited; Fiji is one of the best wedding destination in the world. The climate in the island which is tropical and warm all year long will make it very convenient for couple to plan their wedding at any time. The most visited place in Fiji and the place where you can have your ultimate wedding is on Turtle Islands.

Known as the place where “The Blue Lagoon” movie was taken, Turtle Island simply offers paradise for everyone. With its pure beaches, truly blue waters and breathtaking beauty of nature, it is a heaven for the couple to be wed here. If you are worrying about the place or even the wedding to be expensive, you don’t have to fear because the cost will just be like what you will be spending when you have a traditional wedding at home. In Turtle Island, your wedding will be very private, formal, serene and most of all, romantic.  by Wedding photography

You may choose from having the wedding in the private beach that the place has to offer. But the best and unique way to have a wedding here is to have a Fijian wedding ceremony. This will definitely mark your special day. Most couples that opted to have the Fijian wedding ceremony really had enjoyed and loved what happened during the entire wedding. Testimonies of their unforgettable and lovely wedding prove that a traditional Fijian wedding is one of the recommended ways to be wed. This is made special with the sunset on the background that makes the event much more lovely and romantic.

The couple will be dressed in Fijian outfits. The sounds of the conch shells will signal the arrival of the bride which is on the billi billi or a wedding raft. The bride is then escorted by Fijian warriors to the place the altar which is on the white, soft sand on the beach that is decorated with tropical flowers and palm leaves. The Fijian tribal elder will conduct the wedding ceremony. The couple will be serenaded by the village choir.

The traditional Fiji wedding here in Turtle Island is not just for the couple but for the guest also. They will certainly remember the wedding as well as how beautiful the event has been. The staffs are all friendly, pleasant and hospitable making it easy for everyone to have a great time.

Here in Turtle Island, weddings are treated as a very special event. There are wedding packages suited for your budget. Regardless of what the package is, the true essence of the wedding will still be highlighted and the best wedding will still be provided to you. Turtle Island is definitely a romantic getaway but it is also a wedding paradise. Make your wedding special, lovely and romantic as it can be. Turtle Island should definitely be your first choice and should top among your list. Your wedding will surely be a wedding made in heaven here in Turtle Island, Fiji. Article by  Hawaii Vacation  and wedding theme advise

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