Sunday, 14 February 2010

Top 7 Outdoor Wedding Trends For 2010

Are you newly engaged and getting ready to set a date? 2009 is winding down and 2010 is right around the corner. As you begin to plan your outdoor wedding for 2010 keep in mind the top 7 trends for your amazing obride1utdoor wedding ceremon.
1.    Simple and Memorable: Many weddings will be based on the foundation of the ceremony and not the  magnificence of the evening. Think about spending more of your budget on long-lasting memories rather than the appearance. Allot more of the money to go towards photography or videography and scale back on other things  such as extravagant floral arrangements. You could even consider a longer honeymoon stay and focus less on the reception. You will be thankful for the memories after it is all over!
2.    Home Sweet Home- Intimate and personal weddings in your backyard is  another top trend for 2010 brides. Having your outdoor wedding at home brings a sense of togetherness and it helps personalize the wedding experience.
3.    Skip The Fondant- Out with the fondant and in with the buttercream! Don’t worry about buttercream icing being too messy for your outdoor wedding because many skillful artist can apply the buttercream to look just as smooth as fondant. Another plus, cakes with buttercream icing tend to save some extra dollars in your pocket.
4.     Bring in the Favors- That’s right! Favors for outdoor weddings are a big hit! Personalized favors are appreciated and many of your wedding guest will be grateful to have a “thank you” trinket from you and the groom! Remember a small token as a “thank you” goes along way.
5.     Take Me Away- Destination Wedding are a big hit for future brides. With a destination wedding many couples including the bride and groom could use this as their great escape! When planning your wedding keep your options open for a destination wedding! Trust me, if you embark on this adventure it’s one you won’t regret!
6.    Simply Lovely Colors-The hot colors for 2010 outdoor weddings include oranges, vibrant pinks, yellows and greens. Metal colors are also a big hit: gold, silver, copper and pewter. And the color black is back—many brides are going with the black and white modern look and it is just fabulous!
7.    Going Green- Eco-conscience brides are popping up everywhere and it’s wonderful. Organic Outdoor Weddings are taking the wedding world by storm. Many brides-to-be are more aware of how your wedding necessities are made, the food that is served, how things are disposed, the lighting and where the event takes place. Being knowledgeable about the following can make you become a better eco-conscience bride!