Friday, 5 February 2010

A Truly Unparalleled Thai Wedding

Thai weddings used to be a complex wedding as it is usually composed of many steps but a unique one for that matter. However, presently Thai weddings have been modified to make it a lot more simple but nevertheless all of the traditions are very well alive and practiced.
Thai weddings usually commence early in the morning. At around 5am, the future couple has to be up this early for they are to give offerings to the monks. Thai monks do their rounds in the morning as soon as they see sunlight on the palms of their hands. These offerings consist of flowers and 3 incense sticks intended for the Buddha, for the words of the Buddha and for the monks. These gifts are exchanged for the couple’s food for the body. This is a strict part of the traditional Thai wedding and should be rigorously practiced. It will be a more enlightening experience if a couple received a blessing from a Buddhist monk. This means that the couple is up for a blessed marriage. 

The couple will then proceed to the nearest teak temple to receive a blessing from the temple’s famous head monk. It will be followed by the release of birds, fish or turtles as a sign of merit for the future husband and wife.

The couple will separate for a short while until the wedding proper.The actual ceremony starts when the groom arrives at the place where the wedding is to be held. He is usually accompanied by a joyous parade of family and friends announcing his arrival. The groom has to pass 3 different gates, one is Wood, another is Silver and the last one is Gold. These gates are usually being guarded by the bride’s family and friends. The groom has to convince them that he is worthy for the bride and the guards should consent with this. The groom will be interviewed and if they if they are satisfied with the groom’s answers then he can pass and meet his waiting bride. If one of them does not agree, then the wedding has to be called off. Furthermore, the groom has to give some sort of a dowry to serve as a token for the gatekeepers. 

Next is the actual wedding ceremony. The Buddhist priest may or may not be present here as they are already done granting the couple their blessing early that morning. The wedding officiator will then tie the two couples with strings to symbolize union. This part should never be neglected as this tradition has been passed down for generations and is genuinely binding ceremony for Thais. Next, the elders are to give marriage advises to couple. Words of wisdom are usually about how things will be useless without its counterpart and the like. This is a chance for the elders to inspire the couple. 

Then the couple proceeds to the fully adorned nuptial bedroom where they are accompanied by the guests. The two will sit on the bed and this will symbolize that the wedding ceremony is completed. The festive feast follows next. Thai truly celebrates their traditional wedding complexly yet so genuinely practiced.

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