Friday, 5 February 2010

Romantic Wedding in the Romantic Bora Bora, Tahiti Island

Tahiti is one of the most famous wedding destinations all over the world. The island is enriched with spectacular beauty of crystal clear water, long flat beaches that have fine sand, over water bungalow and mountains that are simply awesome. If you are looking for a wedding venue, Tahiti offers you hundreds of romantic islands to choose from. One of the best islands that Tahiti has best to offer is Bora Bora which is located in Northwest of Tahiti. 
Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa is one of the places in Bora Bora, Tahiti that can give you an ideal and memorable wedding. With 76 suites, bungalows and villas, the accommodations in the resort are built in a traditional style but with modern features and amenities. The villas and suites have private sundecks with pools which the guest will truly enjoy. Also have authentically-designed tropical gardens where you could consider a garden wedding. Lagoon Resort and Spa can definitely accommodate your guest and would make them bring home a lot of memories to treasure because of your wedding. 

Pearl Beach Resort and Spa has 10 beach bungalow suites, 50 overwater bungalows and 20 garden pool bungalows. The suites are designed in traditional Polynesian style and would make you feel the Tahitian culture and tradition. You may plan for a traditional Tahitian wedding here in the resort. While dressed in Pareos or commonly known as sarong with floral crown as your head ornament, sail through the sea in a catamaran that is decorated with flowers. Your wedding day will be filled with love and romance having the beautiful rays of the sunset as your background while Tahitian music is being play. The wedding ceremony will be fun and enjoyable because of the splendid weather and the serenity of the whole place. This is definitely a one of a kind wedding. 

At Intercontinental Le Moana Resort also in Bora Bora, weddings are usually held in their beautiful beach with the traditional Polynesian wedding. Both the bride and the groom will wear Pareos and they will be serenaded by a group of singers and dancers with traditional love songs that will fill the air with hearts all over the place. The traditional ceremony will be conducted by a Tahitian priest who will baptize them with Tahitian names. The traditional wedding ceremony also includes that the couple will be wrapped with tifaifai wedding quilt. This is very symbolic since being wrapped in tifaifai shows the highest honor. You can see here that Tahitian weddings are treated as a very important occasion. That is the reason why every wedding being held in Tahiti is made very special, memorable, unique and serene.

Bora Bora, Tahiti is one of the very best options you have as your wedding venue. It is attracts a lot of tourist all year round. Usually, couples who came to wed on the island come back as often as they can because they really had a great time in Tahiti. Celebrate the most romantic day of your life at the most romantic island!

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