Friday, 5 February 2010

6 ideas for beach photography

1. The cake is one of the “must haves” pictures. This is one of the things that
    show your theme, so take lots and lots of pictures of your bridal cake…the
    before and after. I’m pretty sure if it tastes as good as it looks…you might not
    have a lot of time to take pictures of, for the `before’ time.
2. Another suggestion that we could give when taking the best photos of your
    beach wedding would be to ensure that you take pictures of how your guests
    were during the ceremony…more so, during the reception. Unlike a video, it
    takes chosen moments, and frozen in time…so a smile, a happy sigh, all these
    would be seen and should be captured…and naturally, be kept in the “best
    beach wedding album”.
3. Photos mean lots of “cheese” here and there. Make sure you have that flute of
    champagne held most of the time to salute to your newly weds.
4. Have that perfect smile…all the time! Weddings denote happiness. Weddings
    denote sadness…but in a happy way. Letting go of that single life, but
    embracing the life of togetherness.
5. Let loose! Ceremonies tend to be a bit stiff. Especially if you’re meeting the
    in-laws for the first time. So, you know, after the first few moments of being
    `at home’ with the thought of your newly acquired relatives…let lose. Let go!
    I tell you…this stiffness or lack of it will definitely show in your pictures.
6. When you have gotten those pictures developed (from those inexpensive
   disposable cameras), make an area for those pictures to be posted. Have
   friends write dedications and special notes for the bride and groom. You
   would be surprised…and undoubtedly, touched…by the thoughts of happiness
   for the two of you.
7 Best photos mean the best album! Once you have made your very special
    beach wedding album, prepare a disk to give to your special friends, and

        parents as well as your parents in law. They will be very delighted with the
        gesture, and letting them feel that you really appreciate their presence during
        this special ceremony! more on beach wedding and wedding themes here

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