Friday, 5 February 2010

The Cultural Way of Wedding in Thailand

In today’s world where people are so busy with the city life plus the immersed pressure from the economic crisis, it is truly a need for some people to look for places where relaxation and calmness is situated. Especially if someone is planning to settle down and tie the knot. This important event in a person’s life is something to cherish and look for. That is why many couples are dreaming to have that amazing wedding for them.

Of course when it comes to planning a wedding, couples should choose a location where happiness, peace and solemnity are incorporated. Many are choosing to have it in a beach with crystal clear water, appealing coconut trees near the shore and fine powder sand. A tropical experience destined to be enjoyed by couples who would like to treasure such remarkable event of their life.

That is where Thailand enters the planning scene for your wedding. In Thailand there are different types of wedding ceremony but the most prominent type is having the traditional Thai ceremony. Usually, most Thai weddings are prearranged. Meaning couples are already matched by their parents even before they were born. This is very evident to families in a high society who widely practice this one. Although this type of matchmaking is rare to other people, dowries or “sinsod” are still given and the parents of the couple settle for the amount of it. The amount is the value of the woman who will be given to his future husband. It is said that fifty thousand baht is the value for a usual girl from a farm, while hundreds, thousands or even million is for a girl who came from a very rich family or wealthy clan. Wedding photo by
Most weddings in Thailand are in Buddhist ceremony. This type is not merely legal in mere sense but for people in Thailand it is a practice where guidance and blessing from monks are sufficient for couples to be joined together and at the same time this eliminates the very thought of taking your married life into legality in other word. Monks are present in the wedding ceremony but such ceremony does not take place in the temple itself. The ceremony is started by bowing in front of Buddha where they spur their prayers while holding lighted incense. The couple submits flowers and food to the attending monks at the same time gives a cash gift enclosed in an envelope. Wedding ceremonies are done usually in the house of the bride in the morning because monks are not allowed to eat after the middle of the day. There should be three to nine monks in a certain ceremony having one lead monk who will bless the merger of the couple.

It is true that it is always the couple’s prerogative to have the kind of ceremony for their memorable wedding. Whether it is legal or faith inclined belief, there is no question that Thailand has a very distinct and remarkable culture when it comes to wedding traditions. by  Pacific island Weddings and wedding theme

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