Friday, 5 February 2010

The Tahitian Way of Wedding Vows

It is very in demand that wedding ceremonies nowadays are done in tropical places. This catches the attention of many foreigners like Americans and Japanese couples. Tahiti is the great place where couples could experience the most memorable event of their lives. Given the fascinating view of the island, luscious ambiance and wonderful accommodation, Tahiti indeed is one remarkable place one should go to.

Tahiti is believed to be discovered during the year of 1500s. This is the time where great European voyagers were exploring the Pacific Islands. Even before that period, migrations of different nations are widely seen in the area. Native Hawaiians and Maoris of New Zealand speak the same language called as “Maohi”. During the 1800s, there has been great competition for supreme ownership of the islands. After the death of King Pomare V, the islands were given to France and became a French territory which is later on called as French Polynesia. It was in 1984 that Tahiti was given its own governing body and powers. This opens new doors for commerce and business ventures in Tahiti since then. wedding Photo by

In Tahiti, there are different resorts which offer different kind of wedding ceremony. In InterContinental Resort, they have the intimate Tahitian wedding rite. Couples are offered a song by Tahitian trio while the wedding partners exchange tiare leis, (tiare is a pinwheel shaped white flower having a sweet smell). The wedding ceremony is headed by a Tahitian priest. Then a certificate of marriage is being given, covered in a handmade quilt called tifaifai. Each resort has its own prestigious style ofwedding ritual; you may visit the net for information each resort has to offer.

Actually, Tahiti is not only great for newlyweds but for those renewing their wedding vows as well. You may renew your intimate feelings for each other once you have visited the place. It is very romantic and relaxing for you and your partner. Experience the passion and solemnity of the place. Do different activities together from island hopping, diving, swimming and many others.

But wait… be advised that Tahitian wedding ceremonies are not legal in United States. Americans however may choose to have legal weddings at their place and later on experience the Tahitian way ofwedding vow. You just have to provide a Certificate of No Impediment or “Certificate de Coutume” in French. Others call it as Certificate of Freedom to Marry or “Certificate of Nulla Osta”. You must also furnish a celibacy certificate, and birth certificates of each person. On the other hand, if you are a French citizen, you have to provide birth certificates of each one which are dated not more than 3 months. You must also have a prenuptial medical certificate, certificate of residency which is at least a month, birth certificates of living children and lastly a copy of notarizedwedding contract.

So better get going and savor the real taste of the Tahitian way of wedding ceremony and let the experience be the most remarkable part of your life. Enjoy! by  Pacific Weddings and wedding theme

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