Friday, 5 February 2010

Hawaii: Where Fairytale Wedding takes Place

The beauty and splendor of Hawaii makes it an ideal place for couples to have their wedding ceremony in the island. Hawaii weddings are usually held outdoors, on a beach setting or a garden setting, because of the awesome scenic location. The success of the weddings here are dependent on the beauty of the weather, season and color and this factors can give you a memorable wedding. Hawaii islands can simply offer the best wedding for you.

Holding a wedding ceremony in one of the beautiful beaches in the island is really one way to make your wedding worth remembering. The calm clean water, the empty stretches of sand and a little wind would make weddings special. A sunset wedding in a beach is also other options that you can choose from. What is good here is that the crashing waves can be your music while you make your wedding vows.

Another way to have a wedding in this majestic Pacific island is holding the ceremony in a garden where beautiful landscape and colorful flowers surround you. Not far away from your garden wedding is a panoramic view of a serene ocean. For the traditional couple, they can still be wed in a church on in a chapel. The Wailea Seaside Chapel as well as Holy Innocent’s Chapel is some church that can be a delightful place for you to exchange your vows. For adventurous couples, why not try a scuba diving ceremony or a catamaran cruise. You may also have a Kauai ceremony that could bring you to the lush settings of the tropical forest via a helicopter.

Charm and beauty is both present in a Hawaii wedding custom. Some of this customs may be applied to your wedding to make it more special. One custom is by giving out leis as a sign of receiving and expressing congratulations. Leis, known as a flower garland, are a very important in Hawaii customs since this symbolizes love. People who receive leis don’t throw them but instead keep them and hang them at home. Another Hawaii wedding custom is money dance where couples dance and the guest makes a monetary gift to the couple which expresses warm wishes and blessings to the couple. If the wedding will take place in a beach, one best custom is to create a love circle into your wedding ceremony where both the bride and the groom stand together in the center of a circle that is composed of flowers. Hawaii is a land rich in floral and fauna and once incorporated it in a wedding, eternity of your love is being symbolized.

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of a wedding in Hawaii. There are so many ways to make your wedding day memorable. Include Hawaii in the list of your wedding ceremony destination and you won’t regret it. Hawaii wedding will be a very important event in your life that just deserves to be the best. Hawaii is simply the island of love where couples can really have their Hawaii fairytale wedding come true.

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