Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Guest Blogger: What&your Wedding Cake Style

by Juanita Koo - Owner of SweetThings

Wedding are such a wonderful expression of the couple's style. As a cake designer, I get to meet so many wonderful couples and really get to know them. Some have a design in mind, while others are amazed at what you can do with cake and love helping to piece together the design.

1. Simple and Elegant: I would say that the majority of the couples usually describe their wedding cake as Simple and Elegant. Simple does not mean plain, traditional and boring, it means that it has clean lines, subtle design features, delicate color palette and nothing too crazy.

2. Not your Typical Wedding Cake: Whether it is a groom's cake or the main wedding cake, some couples want something completely different. The cake could be an inside joke, where the couple got engaged or that reflects something very personal to them. I've made a cake of New York's Central Park, a Waterfall and also this fun movie themed cake.

3. Sophisticated and Fun: Some couples like to meet halfway with an simple cake, but a little crazy. A very popular design is the whimsical or topsy turvy style wedding cake with handmade sugar flowers.

I've also had many couple want a wedding cake that represents their different cultures.

4. Wedding Cupcake Tower: Cupcake towers are also a popular wedding centerpiece. They are simple to serve and can be individually decorated in so many ways.

As you can see, there are so many cake options for each couples style. It's one of my favorite things to meet couples, have them sample cakes and work on the design style for their wedding cake.

Thank you for having me as a guest blogger on this spectacular wedding blog. My name is Juanita Koo and I own SweetThings located in the Upper Beaches of Toronto - you can visit my website.

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