Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Perfect DJ for Your Paris Themed Wedding or Party

Here’s a great way to add a Parisian soundtrack to your next party without having to fork out for yet another Buddha Bar or Hotel Costes compilation. First, a little background: I received a call recently from a couple that had organized their wedding in Paris themselves over the Internet. They had arrived a few days before the Big Day to meet with their vendors and tie up some loose ends. Well, when they met their DJ, they realized that they had made a huge mistake. Even though they had exchanged messages and song lists with him by email, it was clear that not only did he not have a clue about the style of music they were looking for; he didn’t even know where to get it. Music was really important to them, so rather than take the risk, they decided to eat the cost of the down payment that they had already paid out, and try to find another DJ. They contacted me after searching in vain for a good, low-cost DJ, who would play the mix of music that they were looking for. Your American Wedding Planner in Paris to the rescue!
I had just read about this website called BigaDJ, a new, Paris-based music website that gives you access to high-quality mixes from over 30 professional French DJ’s. The mixes cover all genres of music (rock, dance, world, traditional French, classical, jazz, etc.) and are designed for all sorts of celebrations- birthdays, cocktail parties, weddings- you name it. The site is really simple to use- start by choosing your occasion or ambiance, then add or subtract music from BigaDJ’s catalog of over 3,000 titles, and finally, either stream directly from the website for up to 12 hours for 4,95€, or download up to 24 hours of CD quality music for 49€ - a far cry from the 1200€ that some of the best Paris DJ’s charge per night!
Besides the variety and price, one of the other things I love about this site is that they break the event down for you. If you’re looking for music for a French wedding for instance, you’ll see that their wedding playlists are divided into categories: “Guest Arrival Mix”, “Entrance into Church Mix”,” Photo Session Mix”, “Dinner Mix” etc. You can mix and match the different categories to create a customized play list just for your event. After just a few hours on BigaDJ, this couple had a wedding soundtrack that perfectly complimented their taste, style and budget. For a touch of French flavor for your next event, take a look at

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