Sunday, 7 February 2010

paris wedding fashion trend 2010: le look lolita

One interesting thing that I’ve noticed in the past 5 years of working in the wedding industry in Paris, is that French brides tend to go for a much sexier look than the average American bride.   Sure, the au courant American bridal silhouette is slim and sophisticated, but I think there are still a great number of American brides who want to look like young, virginal princesses on their wedding day.  French brides, on the other hand, seem to want to be provocative, desirable WOMEN on theirs.  Take the current Parisian wedding fashion trend that’s getting a bit of attention: The Lolita look. Short wedding dresses have been the rage for the past few years here in Paris, but the Lolita bridal look is more about HOW you wear the short dress: with killer pumps, a smoky eye, pouty, cherry-stained lips and beaucoup d’attitude.

Frankly, I’m still on the fence about this trend-  my tax return might say I’m Parisian, but I’m still an American girl at heart- and quite possibly an old fogey one at that!  While personally, I prefer a more sophisticated wedding look over a big frou-frou princess gown, I sort of feel that sensuality should be left until after the ceremony.  What do you think?  Has Le Look Lolita crossed a line from sophistication into something… more? Do you think this trend would go down well in Anytown, USA?

 Max Choul

Davis Purpes

Manon Pascual

Suzanne Ermann

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