Sunday, 7 February 2010

2010 Wedding Trends

So I have searched the Internet to bring you a list of the 2010 Wedding Trends! Even though the economy is up & down right now, people are still getting married. However, a tight budget doesn't mean you have to go to the courthouse & skip a reception and honeymoon all together.

So the first trend that wedding experts predict to see more of is homemade favors. It's a must to thank your wedding guests for taking time out of their schedules to come and celebrate your day. Many guests will be traveling, buying gifts, etc and it's a good idea to thank them with a memento from your day. Some ideas include: candy apples, soaps, candles, cookies, jams, or bubble bath.

The second trend for 2010 is hairpieces for the bride. Whether its a birdcage veil or feathered hairpiece, the old Hollywood glamour look is back! I personally love this look! This is a must for the trendy bride!
Shoes Shoes Shoes! This is one of my favorite topics. I would say this trend has been around for a while but it is going to gain more memento in 2010. Wearing colorful shoes instead of the traditional white wedding shoes. Many brides like to incorporate their wedding color as the color for their shoes to add that pop! Can I just say of the 20 shoes shown below , I want at least 19 of them! 
 Stylish Wedding Dresses! Gone are the Cinderella styled & long trained dresses of 2009. Experts predict that we are going to be seeing more unique & glamorous wedding dresses. I am so excited about this because some of these new dresses are amazing! I know not everyone will like the new look but I am completely in love!

Next trend is mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Again, not necessarily something new, but something experts are predicting we will see more of. The main reason this is a great idea is that while you may love the dress you picked out for your bridesmaids, it may not fit everyone's body type. We've all seen dresses that should have been a bit longer, should have had straps for support, covered a bit more. So by choosing a color and letting the girls pick their own dresses, you will not only have happier bridesmaids, but you also allow them to pick something that is appropriate for their body type. One tip though- make sure you let them know how formal it should be and the length it should be. You don't want 3 girls in long formal gowns and 1 in a short spring dress. 
Outdoor Weddings. While many people MUST get married in a church, more brides are opting for outdoor weddings in unique locations. Brides are looking high & low for unique locations to get married. I have to say as a photographer, I love this. There is nothing better than natural light! Again this is nothing new...but as said many times before...experts think we will be seeing more of this in 2010. Just be PREPARED. If you think it's going to be cold, arrange for outdoor heatlamps; if you think it's going to rain, have tents and/or umbrellas; if you think it's going to be hot, provide fans, bottled water, or parasols!
The Sky Lantern. O.M.G. I LOVE this! This is an amazing idea and so unique! The wedding send off trend of the moment is sparklers. Most places have banned rice, birdseed, & confetti so you almost have no choice but to go with sparklers! Well not anymore! Sky Lanterns were invented in China and its an ancient symbol of good luck!

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