Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wedding Photographed by Jeremy Clay

Mike & Amanda - Married!

Amanda & Mike

A perfect day of sun and a great couple, Mike and Amanda also braved the elemental chills for our formal shots far longer then I conceive I would have! Also, Amanda, don’t worry - The Toe shot turned discover great, but I’ll spend that for off of the blog. Enjoy!

Jeremy & Kathryn

Started at the gents, though didn’t spend likewise daylong with them as they *may have* forgot about our arrival - however, their were whatever memorable shots, though this digit stands discover (from the hotel tap balcony..)


Amanda & Co :)

It begins…!

Not everyone was as pumped to get into their dress…

I prefer one, Kathryn the other. Can’t decide which we love more! You?

This shot occured pre-ceremony, and I am posting this for Mike and family helping at this time. I hop3 they remember the reults of adjusting the floor of the entrance of the church…


Done Deal!

A Real Formal

Candids during formals (way too many to post)

(This is actually Mike’s idea, I would elaborate as to what happened in the second frame…)

reception (I’ll try to keep this short, I’m already over my 40 shot blog limit!)

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