Saturday, 1 August 2009

Tips To Make Your Beach Wedding Eco-Friendly

Make your beach theme wedding a little greener and more eco-friendly with just a few simple touches.

1. Donate your wedding gown or buy a used wedding gown - or both. It's a shame that wedding gowns are traditionally only used once. As with regular clothing manufacturing, a certain amount of chemicals and earth's resources are used to create each and every wedding dress. By purchasing a used wedding dress or donating your dress after your beach wedding, you can minimize the impact your wedding dress has on the earth.
2. Use biodegradable seed paper for your wedding invitations, programs and favors. These incredible wedding items are great for beach weddings, because they can simply be planted instead of thrown away, burned or shredded. When planted by your guests at either your wedding site, their homes or even their favorite park or garden, biodegradable seed paper will simply sprout wildflowers! It's a beautiful way to make your beach theme wedding create a positive impact on the earth.
3. Serve local, farmer's market food at your wedding reception. While you might not be inclined to go vegan or vegetarian (although you should have these options for some of your guests), you can make your beach wedding more eco-friendly by having your vendors purchase meats, fruits and vegetables from the local farmer's market.

Beach weddings are a celebration of the earth's beauty and the union between two people - you can make yours even more incredible by being eco-minded and reducing the impact your wedding has on the earth as much as you can.

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