Saturday, 1 August 2009

Thank You Card Etiquette

Thanking your guests after your beach theme wedding is extremely important. Many of your guests will give you gifts and many of them may end up traveling quite a long distance to be at your side on your special day. Part of thanking your guests for attending your wedding happens at the reception, with unique and fun wedding favors for them to take home and remember your big day by. Still, finding a way to thank your guests a week or two after the festivities is traditionally the proper way to do things. Here's how you can thank your guests, beach wedding style!
Use thank you cards. This is the most traditional way to thank your guests - send them to everyone who attends your wedding and especially to everyone who has sent you a gift. When making out your thank you cards, however, something impersonal such as, "Thanks from Mr. and Mrs. Smith" just won't cut it. You don't want to send generic thank you cards because it will be very obvious that you sent the same style card to everyone else who was at your beach theme wedding. Take the time to go through your gifts and your guestbook and really look at who did what for you. Did someone travel a long way? Make sure to mention it in that person's thank you card. Did someone purchase you a gift you and your new husband really love? Mention that too. If two people from the same household got you two separate gifts, they each need a separate thank you card.

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