Friday, 5 February 2010

Aloha! A Truly Hawaiian Wedding Experience

When you hear Hawaii the first thing that will probably puff in your mind is a tropical island where there are girls who were dressed in a grass skirt with flower garland adorned on their neck, dancing the traditional tropical way. Actually, there are much more features this island could offer. Hawaii is a mixture of many races. Primarily when it comes to wedding tradition, its customs are influenced by Japanese, Chinese and Filipinos. You will be enchanted with most amazing wedding experience one can have. 

In the ancient Hawaiian wedding, young couples are ask to get marry only and only if… they are really in love with each other. There is no formal wedding ceremony during that time. The couples are just joined together by a kahuna known as a holy man in the island. The Kahuna simply unite the couple through their hands using maile lei that signifies their sanctified bond.

Traditional wedding in Hawaii is filled with many wonders. Conch shells are being blown all over in order to call the Gods so that the ceremony can start. Musicians play beautiful songs in hula language that reveals the couple’s story portrayed in the song and dance. All ministers accept all types of marriage regardless of their faith or religion. The wedding will be overwhelmed with beautiful flowers, maile leaf lei covered in a scented tuberose will be adorned to the groom while strands of pikake lei, white ginger woven lei, tuberose lei and lovely bridal bouquet is for the bride. But of course, such flowers can still be changed upon your personal request.
Since Hawaiian wedding traditions came from different cultures, couples may choose to have any kind and at the same time can have a combination of each type. When it comes to Japanese tradition, the art of paper folding or origami is done. 1001 cranes of origami are prepared which is believed by the Japanese people would bring fortune, peace, good luck and faithfulness to the newlyweds. In the western tradition style, the mere exchange of rings is done. Of course, each wedding ceremony is observed at the seashore.  This is truly the pride of real Hawaiian wedding custom.

When it comes to food, Hawaii offers a wide variety of dishes that will exceptionally captivate your taste buds. Since the place is an island, sea foods are enormously produced in the area. There are stuffed crabmeat, lobsters, crab cakes, sashimi, shrimp and others. Tropical fruits such as pineapples, mangoes, kiwi, bananas, star anise, oranges and coconuts are very visible in the island. There’s also the roasted pig grilled in a ground oven which is called as Imu.

But honestly speaking, Hawaii is the most prominent wedding location everyone is dreaming of. Perfect location, great food, fantastic culture, amazing custom and lastly the hospitality of the people, what else can you ask for. So everything that you need in order to have that most memorable wedding experience ever are all incorporated in this  beautiful place.
So start planning that dream wedding of yours.

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