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Process of Wedding Photography

Every Wedding Celebration is a Mystery Beckoning to be Captured in Images.
Every wedding celebration is an unfolding mystery beckoning to be captured in images.


“A Wedding is an evolution perplexity beckoning to be captured in images. It’s the occasion and story of your relationship. We impact it as a once in a life instance circumstance and believe being an unobtrusive photographer allows us to capture the period with sensitivity and respect. My characteristic call is candid with a pore on brawny composition and creative ingest of light. By centering on emotions, relationships of family and friends, and tending to detail, your images module earmark you and forthcoming generations to undergo your Wedding Day as it genuinely happened. Best of all, we make it a lot of fun.”

QUESTION AND ANSWER – Questions we are asked most frequently.

Q: What is the most essential piece of advice you crapper wage me regarding ceremony photography?

A: Don’t make compromises on your ceremony photography.

Q: Why is professional ceremony photography so expensive? I thought it would cost less because everyone shoots with digital cameras?

A: This question crapper be a hot topic for whatever because ceremony photography crapper be seen as a mystery. It requires an in-depth answer. We definite to wage an overview to wage you with a better understanding and to demystify the process of ceremony photography:

Gear: Keeping favoring digital equipment up-to-date is extremely expensive. A professional digital camera costs 200-300% more than it’s flick equivalent. While professional-level flick cameras had a life span of up to 10 years, new digital cameras last exclusive most 3-4 years. Lenses, lighting / winkle systems and accessories also requirement to be upgraded or replaced every 4-5 years. Additionally, to wage our clients peace of mind, we also carry patronage equipment to every photo assignment. If a piece of equipment malfunctions, we hit a replacement nearby. This equipment staleness be fully functional and reliable. Routine maintenance and camera repairs are common, and expensive, with every professionally used camera equipment.

Image Archive: During the instruction of a assemblage we create thousands of images. Just to wage you an idea of volume, in a typical ceremony season we care with approximately 25,000 high partitioning images, representing over 25 gigabytes of data in various stages of production. Because these images are your memories and are irreplaceable, we equip a enthusiastic care of money into a multi-location archival patronage system to safely and securely accumulation your images. For whatever clients we deposit images for years. We’re speaking terrabytes of hardware acquirable 24/7 by us and our clients, acquirable as clannish online room collections and multiple media backups. We’re bright to say we haven’t forfeited modify a single image to date.

Post-Production and Workflow: It’s genuine that we no individual hit the cost of flick and developing (which traditionally was processed by a flick lab). The whole physical dark room process is now done virtually via computers. The photographer has embellish the work expert. This entails a enthusiastic care of instance and expertise. Such details include editing, dustlike prowess image rendering and enhancement. The required computer systems to support us perform these functions are costly. They staleness be powerful sufficiency to process RAW photographic images and hurried sufficiency to run the stylish software. Our computers and colour-calibrated monitors are also replaced every 3 eld in visit to wage you with hurried turn-around times, faithful colour, and to earmark us to rest combative in the marketplace.

We spend a enthusiastic care of instance sourcing the prizewinning products and materials for your deliverables. By this, we stingy your prints and ceremony albums / portfolios. Many of our products are produced by hand in-house. This allows us to oversee and be involved in every step of the creation process. When we ingest use third-party suppliers, we’ve spent the instance to amend relationships where we know our projects are handled with care.

Experience: Yes, of instruction you are investing in experience. While your ceremony period is a one-time affair, it is our life’s work. We’ve invested eld of training and undergo into story-telling photography in visit to wage our clients with an undergo that we hope is ordinal to none, and fun! A ceremony occasion is an essential affair. You’re putting a lot of love, effort, instance and money into your ceremony plans. You’ve exclusive digit quantity at capturing the images. When every is said and done, not many people module remember the food, music, flowers, centre pieces or plateau linens. What module be left to share with people, and what module increase in value to you over time, are your memories and your images. As a trained photojournalist with an eye for artful detail, you crapper be in the moment on your ceremony day, knowing that you’ll receive images with the perfect combination of documentary, artistry and client service.

Q: I fuck your pictures. How do I aggregation you?

A: All that is required is a subscribed ceremony contract and $800 retainer. This module indorse your date. We accept a limited number of Wedding Celebrations per assemblage to secure we wage the aforementioned level of individualized attention, client service, and hurried conveying of images to our couples. If possible, it’s prizewinning to aggregation us well in advance to secure your date.


A; We dispense exclusive RAW. You module receive high resolution, colour-corrected jpegs.

Q: What identify of equipment do you use?

A: We dispense primarily digital, though flick is acquirable upon request. Professional Canon cameras and Canon / Sigma lenses are our choice tools for capturing images, along with a difference of complimentary gear. Backup camera and lenses are onsite during your ceremony period so if something malfunctions we hit replacements nearby. Our post creation studio uses Apple computers and the stylish professional imaging software, and the expertise to ingest it.

Q: How long module it take for us to see our pictures?

A: Are you ready? Less than 3 days after your ceremony day! We make it a point to showcase a activity of fine-art enhanced images via our online journal or a clannish gallery. Remaining images module be acquirable in most 4 weeks via a ceremony website we’ll create for you.

Q: What are instant digital downloads?

A: This is something we’re rattling proud to substance our clients. Directly acquirable from the ceremony website we’ll create for you, you haw now hit instant download access of every your ceremony images in a difference of resolutions, every in just 4 weeks from your ceremony date!

Q: Should I equip in an medium or prints?

A: A enthusiastic question! How your images are presented and preserved is rattling important. I recommend our hand-made Sequoia albums, artist room wraps and fine-art print enlargements.

Q: You’re already booked on our ceremony date. What are my options?

A: A “Just Because” style session. It’s for people who’d like portraits right of their ceremony day. Perfect for style engagement pictures, family portraits, babies or “Just because I want to!�”

Q: Do you travel?

A: Anywhere you’d like. A custom movement quote is provided upon request.

Q: I’m from out of town and can’t meet ahead of time. Will you still photograph me?

A: Yes. It’s a big diminutive world. I always make instance to chitchat via phone and email. I crapper wage plentitude of online work and featured weddings, and module verify you everything you requirement to know.

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