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Why I wish we hired a wedding planner

Why I wish we hired a wedding planner
by Alison Kelly

When I got married backwards in 2008, I didn't hit a start planner. I modify won a free one, but decided against using that portion planner. In the end, I should hit spent money on effort digit for these reasons alone:
  • The start would hit started at 6pm sharp
  • When I didn't hit a bill box, they would hit contacted me primeval in the day to let me undergo and I would hit been healthy to find an alternative
  • The pens for the guest aggregation would not hit gone missing
  • When the good guy was late, he would hit been hunted down as anti to incoming 90 transactions New and not being healthy to do a comely good check
  • When the good guy was not dressed befittingly for our ceremony, they would hit prefabricated sure he had his dress clothes on then instead of waiting until after the start to change
  • The penalization would hit stopped when I got to the front of the aisle as anti to 30 seconds afterwards
  • Speeches would hit occurred on instance as they would hit known I wanted it to go through dinner (it was cocktail style so at no instance would everyone be seated)

Did these diminutive issues intend resolved? Yes. Did they ruin our day? Not at all, but if I had been smart and hired a planner, these little issues would not hit occurred and our start would hit been flawless. No concern how organized you are, there module be issues that would be handled by someone representing you. If you don't hit much a person on-board, then you module be dealing with the supply yourself.

If you end to hit a friend help you out, keep in nous that they are ease a guest. I undergo first assistance how hornlike it is to be someone's Gal Friday and guest for the aforementioned party. Your friend module not hit as much fun as they would as a guest, so really think hornlike before going this route.

Note: You haw hit noticed most of these hiccups were candid termination of a less-than-desired vendor. I module do a furture post on how to superior the correct vendor to help ensure you don't end up with a lemon.

Alison Kelly is the Founder/Party Director of Toronto-based, A Hot Pink Petticoat. Her clients don’t worry about their event - they’re too busy enjoying it!

You can follow Alison on twitter and on her blog.

This article was originally published on Underneath the Petticoat on Oct 30, 2009

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