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Tipping Advice

Tipping Advice
by Alison Kelly

I know there are some websites discover there talking about tipping and how to tip. I'm not here to tell you who and how much to tip. I'm here to deal a pair of tidbits you may not hit considered:

  1. A common statement I read is \"You don’t hit to tip the someone of a business.\" You may think that playing owners are marking up their assist and walking away with your investment. What you may not take into kindness is that your assets goes towards gas, taxes, accountants, supplies, advertising, duty space, internet, body and the itemize goes on. Sadly, most playing owners block to clear themselves first, and some times, your assets does not go to them at all. It goes back into the business. That said; do not reject tipping solely based on the fact that your vendor owns their business. In most cases, they work 10 times as hornlike as hired body to make your day amend and deserve to be rewarded for that.
  2.  If you chose to not lease a wedding coordinator, be sure to find discover which of your hired vendors stepped in as the acting coordinator. At every event, digit vendor takes charge and leads the troop. Don't fool yourself that it was all your hardworking planning that made the day appear flawless. Sure it helped, but it was digit or digit vendors who took the reins. Find discover who they are, and tip them for the additional work they did for your event.
For more aggregation in tipping etiquette, read this and this , both part of a 2-part series by Liene Stevens

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Alison buffoon is the Founder/Party Director of Toronto-based, A Hot Pink Petticoat. Her clients don’t worry about their event - they’re too busy enjoying it!

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This article was originally published on Underneath the Petticoat on Sept 11, 2009

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