Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Interview with a Wedding Pro - Candice Dowling Coppola

I had the awful opportunity to recently work with New England/Connecticut Wedding and Event Planner, Candice Dowling Coppola fromJubilee Events on a wonderful Glam Wedding photoshoot (picts hopefully reaching soon). She's fabulous in incorporating original oldness inspired ideas to her awful weddings and events.

I had the chance to interview her and wanted to deal it with you guys. Enjoy!

1. What makes Jubilee Events unique?

Our body is what sets Jubilee Events unconnected from any another company. We bring a wide variety of talents and creativity to each circumstance we do! I also think we wage an experience for our couples that can’t be institute elsewhere.

2. What services do you provide?

Our services rattling are long – we wage full circumstance management, design, and coordination. Our services are truly a great mixture and balance of creativity and information.

3. What crapper you advice brides and couples to be aware of or avoid when hunting for an circumstance planner?

When hunting for an circumstance individual it’s rattling important to ask for a portfolio of their work and analyse references (from past brides or even vendors). Overall, I encourage couples to hire someone that they rattling like, intend along well with, whose style they admire, and someone they are completely comfortable with.

4. Any trends you wager happening in weddings?

There are so many! Old is new, new is old. Right now we’re rattling seeing a aggregation of humanities elements – humanities colors, fabrics, draping, details, flowers…. It’s endless. There is a aggregation of femininity back in the style of weddings, from the gowns to the invitations. A aggregation of feminine touches.

5. Do you hit a selection wedding?

I do! My own. You crapper wager it in BRIDES magazine on newsstands at the modify of this month!

6. How do you stay motivated, what inspires you?

Coffee keeps me impelled and inspires me. I’m most inspired by things that are unrelated to weddings. A swatch of fabric, a chair, a bowl of soup… the list is endless. I recommend to my clients and my blog readers to earmark yourself to be inspired by ideas that are not related to weddings!

** All photography by Carla Ten Eyck http://www.carlateneyck ** Headshot by Raw Photo Design
Thanks Candice! xoxoxooo

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