Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Fleur De Lis Wedding Favors

 If you are looking for something more than the traditional box of potpourri for your wedding favors, you should consider handing out fleur de lis wedding favors. Fleur de lis means lily flower. Known as a strong symbol of French and Canadian culture and overall unity, it is often found in coats of arms and family crests. Not only does this theme have an air of class with it, you also will feel like royalty on your wedding day, which is something every bride deserves.Not only will your favors be a classic shape, you also will be giving out a gender-neutral favor. This is a great thing because so many other keepsakes out there are specifically for women. However, people end up giving them to all their guests because it is cheaper to do so and it is difficult to find a wedding gift that goes both ways.

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