Friday, 6 November 2009

Wedding Place Card Holders

Using Place Card Holder Wedding Favors are not only functional, but can easily be coordinated to reflect your wedding theme. Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, small details can be overlooked that can lead to embarrassing moments. For instance, imagine the chaos that would ensue if you should forget the importance of place cards at the wedding reception.
Visit our selection of Place Card Holder Wedding Favors Even the smallest gathering of family and friends is made more pleasant when everyone can easily find their assigned seat.
But for some, the whole idea behind assigned seating may not be clear; why not just let everyone sit where they want? Of course you could do that, but what happens when a couple wants to sit together but they cannot find two seats at the same table? Using place cards eliminates the situation from occurring; and the holder makes a prominent display which is impossible to miss.

Place cards serve another function: they show recognition and respect to your guest. It gives them an understanding of who is at their table and eases the introduction process for your guests who may not know each other. Many couples who use placecard holders find that they can play the role of souvenir of the wedding for guests.

How do you choose this item? Start by looking at the overall theme or feeling of the wedding: what you would like your guest to remember most about the occasion? High glamour-style weddings might use a movie clapboard style or the fashion pink purse theme. Wedding themes that take their cue from nature like autumn weddings might use a leaf design or a wine yard motif. Weddings are family celebrations that include friends and associates in a most personal way. Choosing a design that reflects the couples love for each other is the essential idea, how you express it is up to you.

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