Sunday, 1 November 2009

Wedding Favor Ideas

Because there literally are millions of different favors you can give your wedding guests at your reception, it is no wonder you are a bit stuck on the situation. There actually are some tips that can help you decide which wedding favor ideas are the best for you and your special day. For example, if you are throwing a theme wedding around the beach, you obviously will want your keepsakes to represent that. After all, this is the only thing your guests have to remember the evening, so you want to make sure they remember they got this at the beach.
Another great way to decide what type of favor you should have for your wedding is to think of your guests. If your guests are stylish and classic, then you might want to go with bottle openers or bottle stoppers. Compact mirrors are really trendy favor ideas these days as well. Since your guests are the one who will have to take home whatever it is that you select for them, it only make sense to select something that will get some use. That is why practical gifts such as glass coasters, luggage tags and letter openers are such great sellers.

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