Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Trash The Dress with Studio67

We had so much recreation shooting their wedding in Sept and were super excited to reconnect for their Trash the Dress session. screenwriter had a amend positioning in mind, the Hermitage, located within the Hamilton Conservation Area in Ancaster. It was quite a raise finished the freshly soaked forest to accomplish it but so worth every step. The example of fall drenched leaves could exclusive be matched by the vision of love between these two. screenwriter rarely takes his eyes off his new bride and it's so enthusiastic being around such happy, madly-in-love people. When it came to really trashing the coiffe Jami was all in - screenwriter said \"if she's trashing her coiffe I'm trashing my suit\" and before I knew it Brian was also in the mix. He climbed correct into the running course past his knees to intend some enthusiastic shots for this piece. What an awing shoot! Here's their TTD conference and a some of my favourite photos. Enjoy!

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