Friday, 2 October 2009

Use Votive Candles For Your Reception Table Decoration

The wedding has gone off without a hitch, and the newlyweds are ready to begin celebrating their new lives together with their family and friends at the reception. A reception is just as important to most couples as the wedding itself. To add a special touch to any reception venue, consider using reception table decorations, like votive candle favors that will provide any venue, no matter how big or small, with a warm, romantic atmosphere.

One of the most important steps of planning a reception is deciding how to decorate the reception venue. Many couples on a budget opt to do their own wedding planning, including decorating the reception venue themselves, rather hiring a wedding planner. Fortunately, you can transform an ordinary reception venue into a fairytale, using unique wedding favors, for very little money.

Once you've decided to choose your wedding decorations yourself, you're ready to decide exactly how you want to decorate your reception venue. One of the simplest, yet most romantic, ways of decorating a reception venue is to use candles.

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