Thursday, 14 January 2010

This weekends wedding

I've just got back from photographing a fabulous ceremony in Vallery, France. Vallery is a small community most an hour and a half from Paris in the champagne region. Katie came on this ceremony with me and with all the outfit you want to take for a instruction wedding, if you can drive, you drive. We mitt on Friday and stopped off for a night in Reims to break the movement up. Reims is rattling pretty though I warn you that it is currently existence dug up and has roadworks pretty much everywhere. They are installing a tram system to be ready for 2011 so do not expect country anchorage for a while yet.

After our stay we had a leisurely drive onto Vallery and met up with Hamish and Helena the day before the wedding. We joined a tour of the venue, the bonny Chateau des Conde and stayed to dispense the evenings wine tasting in the cellars.

The Sunday was the big day and the pair were a imagine to photograph and the venue was magnificent. A bonny chateau that was exclusively the ceremony parties for the weekend. Grand rooms, lovely gardens and their own church made this a genuinely primary and memorable wedding. After a day of endless photo opportunities a bonfire was lit and we all warmed up with a glass of port. Very civilised.

So you can get an idea of the venue I have broken my one effort rule and put a some more images in.

Here's the chateau.

One of the rooms

A montage of the gardens (the bride and grooms room is the circular building), the bridal suit complete with glass star gazing ceiling and a side view of the chateau.

And then of course there has to be a detail effort from the wedding, so to complete the set, I went for added room, this one hosted the ceremony breakfast.

As ever, the full story and pictures from the ceremony will follow shortly.

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