Thursday, 3 September 2009

Glass Grapes Wine Bottle Stopper Favor

Just one look at the gorgeous Glass Grapes Wine Bottle Stopper Favor will be enough to take the breath away form your guests. These unique and elegant wedding favors capture the romance and spirit of a fantastic evening in the French countryside. Each bottle stopper favor is about 5" long and comes nestled in a supple satin lined fashionable black box.

The lower portion of the Glass Grapes Wine Bottle Stopper Favor is clear, sparkling glass. The upper portion is a rich, deep grape color that glistens in candlelight. You're sure to want to sample the beverage that deserves this lovely stopper.

Your guests will revel in the high quality and craftsmanship of this favor and will be very impressed by them. Custom bottle stoppers are a rare and classy touch to anyone's wine collection so recipients of this wedding favor will love the beauty and practicality of this gift.

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