Sunday, 2 August 2009

Heart Purse Valet Compact Stainless Steel Handbag Holder

If you are searching for a gift favor to obtain for your female bridal shower and wedding guests, has the perfect solution.

Most women carry purses or handbags, and are frequently confronted with the dilemma of where to place said bag when in a restaurant or social situation. Placing your purse on the table or on the floor is not always a feasible option.

The Heart Purse Valet Compact Stainless Steel Handbag Holder offers the ideal solution to this problem. This handy and attractive holder stashes your bag cleverly under the table, where you know it is safe. Made of sturdy chrome and petite-sized, the heart weight rests on the table while the hook extends under the table and out of sight. The hook wraps around the heart for easy storage and portability, ensuring that you will always have it on hand.

This marvel comes packaged in a black and white purse shaped box with a satin ribbon handle, completing the gift package for your guests.

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