Friday, 15 January 2010

A beautiful Ceremony

Two of the questions we always intend in the CB office is if weddings don't intend dull after a while, and aren't they all the same?

Quite candidly it doesn't intend monotonous as every ceremony we go to is unique. There is a assorted cast, assorted clothes, scene and characters. Yes there are similarities. There is a beautiful bride and a cake and flowers. Yet they are some things not the aforementioned like assorted dynamics, assorted dreams and expectations.

For me it is the people that attain the memories of each ceremony and attain every circumstance so primary and unique. Last weekend at a beautiful ceremony at Tamarind Cove Hotel in Barbados when the bride danced with her ascendant under the stars with the sounds of waves caressing the blonde shore I started to cry. More than the surroundings it was the emotion of the bride and all the kinsfolk and friends that became so contagious. Uncle Mike, her dads brother had recently passed away and he was supposed to attend the wedding. Yes after over 1000 weddings I still cry at the raw emotion of pure joy between new weds, and the memories of lost idolized ones. The day when I attend ceremony number 2000 I am sure the spirit of this sacred day will rest the same. A day filled with love, laughter and tears.

A ceremony is a beautiful thing.

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