Friday, 15 January 2010

ceremony recaps


first, everyone is owed a happy friday. because it's friday and thence it is happy.

second, i'm sorry if you've been checking up on TTO only to find set updates. i didn't think anyone cared enough to actually intend upset about it...but i could wager how it could be annoying.

third, so i guess i owe you an explanation.

first, work has been f*ing crazy. more so than ever. so i haven't had time to roam the blogs. i do check them erst in a patch but then everything i wager is 'old news' by the time i want to talk about it. so.

second, i'm in the midst of finishing out my underway employ and looking for a new job. so i'm laboring hunting, interviewing, and hoping to intend hired. and the truth of the concern is, this journal doesn't feed me.

third, most of my spare time has been spent serving my parents with their house. their place got DEstroyed a some months backwards when a tube poor patch they were out of town. everything was gutted and had to be redone...and they are just now finally sinking backwards in. it's been sad and it's been stressful...but we're almost done.

fourth, i want to do ceremony recaps (and will do ceremony recaps) but i don't hit my pictures still and i want to wait until i intend them.

in conclusion, i guess this is me formally announcing that i won't be blogging for a while. until my underway status lets up a bit. i'll place every now and then if i hit something mindblowing to share.

'til the next episode, loves.


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