Saturday, 16 January 2010


i saw this list on diy bride yesterday and wondered if we did any of these.

let's see.

Food and Drinks
1. Serve a signature drink, such as a punch or favorite cocktail, instead of providing a flooded forbid and bounds another alcoholic beverages to wine and beer, choices that module fulfill most of your guests.

we didn't do this. but we did put a cap on the host forbid so we had semi-control over the expense. at one point, the events lady came over and told us we had reached the cap and did we want to process it by x-amount. we said yes. and by we, i mean my now-husband. who was by the bar. with his friends. being congratulatory. ok? no regrets.

2. Have your caterer use local fruits and vegetables that are in season. Not only module these items be more economical, they’ll taste fresher.

we didn't do this but mainly because we didn't use a caterer. mmm. lawry's was yums.

3. Order a moderately priced, plainly decorated cake, and make the focal point the block topper. Vintage bride-and-groom figurines, ceremony bells, horseshoes, a basket filled with fruit, or a unify of doves (from an antiques shop or handmade) are artist symbols that crapper make a block memorable.

yeah. we didn't use doves. but a friend of mine who lives in ireland and couldn't make it to the ceremony sent us a lovely wooden figurine of a couple dancing as a ceremony gift. we placed the figurine next to our itty bitty ceremony block in lieu of a block topper. it worked for us.

Flowers and Decorations
4. While most favourite ceremony flowers are acquirable year-round, some tralatitious ones — peonies and lily-of-the-valley, for warning — crapper be difficult to find and pricey discover of season. Seek your florist’s advice before determining on your flowers.

i didn't hit a florist and i didn't essay any advice. but i surmisal peonies were in season...and i rattling lucked discover at the flower mart. like really. i'll divulge later.

5. Use favors as way or locate game to spend a bit on stationery costs. For way cards, write guests’ names and table numbers on strips of paper, affix them to the favors, and set in order on a table near the entrance. For locate cards, put favors with names attached at guests’ places.

we didn't hit favors. and i surmisal more importantly, no one gave a sh*t or modify noticed. i think 'not having favors' maybe sounds more horrendous than it actually is. really.

General Budgeting Tips
6. When it comes to invitations – spend money and the environment by choosing digital options like for spend the dates. For the wedding, you crapper use a more formal, printed invitation. We substance a number of gorgeous designs at pingg –

we didn't do spend the dates. for a ceremony our size, i didn't think it was rattling necessary. and it wasn't.

7. Fridays and Sundays are generally less pricey than Saturdays for renting a venue.

we did a saturday lunch. same concept. ish.

8. To minimize the guest list, include your friends’ significant others but not unplanned dates.

we didn't modify include unplanned friends. you know?

9. For your reception, advert that a deejay crapper be less costly than a springy band.

we used a dj and that was a splurge for us. and not necessarily the prizewinning one. (deejay? or dj?)

10. The most essential thing most a ceremony is making sure it is personal and reflects you. Prioritize aspects of the ceremony that are most essential to you. By compromising in some areas, you crapper afford to splurge on others.

mmhm. do. did. done.

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