Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Practical Wedding Favors

Who says that bridal favors have to just be pretty and sit on the shelf after the big event? Many wedding favors currently are both beautiful and useful. From personal grooming sets to bookmarks, wine tools to salt and pepper shakers and everything in between, favors are no longer relegated to collecting dust in the china cabinet after they take a ride home with your guests.

Wine/bar tools have become increasing popular over the past several years. These guest favorites come in a wide variety of designs, such as the Chrome Grapes Design Wine Opener, Two Hearts Are Better Than One Bottle Stopper, and Wine Bottle Design Bar Tool Favors, to name a few. These exquisitely handcrafted tools are available both individually and in sets (both the opener and stopper are included), so it is easy to choose which is most appropriate for your event.

Another popular choice are salt and pepper shakers, as well as other kitchen tools. Whisks, ice cream scoops, olive oil bottles, timers, refrigerator magnets and measuring spoons can be a welcome addition to any guest’s kitchen, and with so many unique designs to choose from it is sure to have your own individual stamp on it.

Other practical favors to choose from include luggage tags, key chains, coasters, tape measures, fans, and compact mirrors, just to name a few. Whatever the theme for your big day, there is a practical wedding favor available to suit your desires.

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