Monday, 18 January 2010

An anniversary to remember - 9th August

My spouse and I went to Hull and backwards (no not like Del and Rodney!) on our day this year, which just proves how far Mechgem module go to have an exceptional service. We met a bride at the domestic ceremony show last assemblage who just idolized our Silver Cloud. No local companies would do her ceremony so soured we went to Hull with the trailer on the backwards of the car!! I then did the ceremony locally and we drove home. It is good to undergo that these things can be done if necessary and infact we module be going to Blenhiem hall to do the aforementioned later this year. This pricing is apparently much more expensive but it is possible. The 9th August happened to be our 5th Wedding day and we were pleased that at least we could pay most of it unitedly daytime if it was driving, we made a couple rattling happy.

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