Sunday, 2 August 2009

Selecting The Perfect Bridesmaid Jewelry

Choosing bridesmaid jewelry for your beach theme wedding doesn't have to be difficult. You can save time and energy by choosing a simple, beautiful piece that speaks volumes yet is elegant and sophisticated. Pearls are often the gem of choice for beach theme weddings, as pearls themselves come from the ocean. Beach brides will usually incorporate pearls into their wedding attire, whether on their dress, in a tiara or in their bridal jewelry. You can incorporate pearls into your bridesmaids' attire as well, creating a uniform yet one of a kind look.
Give your bridesmaids each something unique to wear while still staying with a streamlined look. Pearl necklace and earring sets can come in a variety of muted colors, offsetting your bridesmaid dress of choice beautifully. Many pearl necklace and earring sets feature a single pearl instead of a multitude of pearls, giving it a simple and chic essence without overwhelming the rest of your bridesmaids' look.
Other styles of pearl necklaces are definitely a little bit bolder, creating a look that is as timeless as the sea and beach itself. Crystals and pearls work beautifully together, each stone perfectly complementing the other. Drop necklaces work well with many different styles of bridesmaid dresses, so you can be sure that your bridesmaids will look stunning. Finding jewelry and accessories that not only make your bridesmaids look good but items that they love is a big part of bringing together your whole day into one, perfectly planned and coordinated package!

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